If this is your first time creating a website, then you will have probably heard of SEO, but what is it and does it really impact how a website works?

What Is SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation and it refers to the practices carried out to ensure that a website can be found by search engines.

The concept of SEO was a relatively simple one back in the early days, but recently search giants like Google have imposed rules that ensure websites are relevant and contain useful content. It is very rare that two SEO campaigns are exactly the same but can be built using similar elements.

SEO may also be used in conjunction with digital marketing. Although similar, SEO is seen as an organic way of climbing the ranks, which can last longer than a bout of marketing.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important as it refers to the search terms being entered by potential customers. As such, a company must research what search terms are relevant to their industry and create informative and valuable content around these keywords.

Although keywords need to be used, they shouldn’t be ‘stuffed’ into the content as an afterthought, as Google’s algorithm is designed to pick up on such tactics and will dismiss the content anyway.

Ensuring that keywords are used in the right context can ensure that your brand is seen as offering value and will be rewarded via a spurt up the ranks on search engines.

A Good User Experience

Once it was only what was contained within a website that would determine how it ranks, but as our Internet connections have evolved, it’s common for consumers to have high expectations when using a company website.

This includes the website loading quickly, as well as ensuring it can be used by visitors on mobile devices.

Those with an older website may feel that the investment is not worthwhile, but the benefits are so plentiful that it’s at least worth considering if you’re looking to increase your bottom line.

Old websites rarely translate well onto modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and if there’s also a slow loading time, then you could find that Google and other search engines fail to acknowledge the website at all.

Does SEO Achieve Anything?

SEO achieves a lot for a business. It can improve search rankings, help business communicate with customers as well as ensuring online users are only being put in touch with businesses that meet their requirements.

However, those just starting out will have to wait some time before their efforts are noticed. If the task of SEO is too cumbersome, then it may be worthwhile employing the services of a professional. Although carrying out the work alone may seem more cost-effective, the time it takes could mean the business is taking its eye of the ball in relation to other opportunities.

It also allows a tailored solution to be created around your business, so you can be confident that the work being carried out is needed and beneficial.