Over the years printing has had its fair share of changes, with shrinking demand and other digital ways to spend the marketing budget on. The smart printing business has had to change and develop to maintain being relevant in the marketing arena. 


As in life there is a cycle to everything - what's popular and what's not. 


That's the same with print as marketers try to grab the attention of the potential customer with the most understanding - there has to be a mix of approaches of which one is print. 


Print has survived the test of time, people like the touchy / feely things in life, it connects with them especially when it personalised, and it's a product which hangs about reminding them, reinforcing that message - either on a side board, on a reception table, in a handbag after an event, found in your back pocket days after you picked it up. Print forms an important part of the marketing mix. 


With evermore innovative print & finishes available plus the ability to create synergy with the digital space, we'd say print is not dead in fact it's refreshingly exciting and alive for those wanting to have a diverse marketing mix that works.